Sunday, October 6, 2013

Photo Gallery Tour of Denise's Home- Part 2

Back of Denise's Home- Now for Sale- Rancho Santa Fe, California
We are glad it's Friday! Spent every second up until yesterday afternoon getting the house ready for the realtor appointment- we still have some hauling and cleaning to do, but the majority of our work is done and now we just let the house do it's thing and know someone will fall in love with it as much as we have! This post I'll upload photos of the back exterior and more from the downstairs interior...
Seating area just out the back kitchen door
Outdoor Fireplace
Two cute stories about the back patio.
When Denise & Jamie first moved into the house there was no landscaping. Denise designed everything, down to the last blade of grass, however for the Homeowner's Association she needed a Landscape Architect to submit the plans. After approval and installation (installation mostly consisting of Denise digging holes, planting and staining) the architect was so impressed by her concrete stain job that he had a friend at Behr come out, who in turn loved it as well, and had it photographed. Now this was years ago, not long after they moved into the house. Fast forward to the summer of 2010 and friends are asking our opinion on staining concrete inside their new store. They are showing us color options and I see the cover photo of the concrete stain brochure and it looks familiar, but it doesn't register. I say to Denise, that looks like your patio and fireplace, it takes her a few seconds too and we both forward to spring 2013 and Denise is thinking about re-staining the back patio for the house sale- even though we all love the worn and aged look. She's shopping and there again is her patio on the cover of the Behr Concrete Dye Kit...she bought the kit just for the photo!
Behr brochures featuring the back patio
Denise's home and patio featured on Behr brochures, paint cans & boxes.
The house is seen here in it's original off white paint
Rose Garden
 The bushes were so full this year and they are still blooming
Pool with fountain heads and bowl.
Rose garden in the distance

The large kitchen window

Pool & Gazebo at Sunset

Pool at Sunset

Inside, the Kitchen and another Dining area

Family Room
Family Room with fun vintage theater style wood and leather chairs

Kitchen Hallway
Girls Art & Game Room

One of Denise's Face Tables
A peaceful work space to create

Love this clock- she painted the face & added the finial
 A faux stone window at the end of this hallway leading out
of the Art Room. Denise also painted and faux finished these walls

To the left is the Laundry Room, Garage and
this quote Denise put up, one of her favorites
Coming outside this back garage door is a
view of the Carriage Suite and more ivy
Just off the Art Room is the outdoor barbecue and this gazebo...
... a favorite spot for breakfast
....or dinner at twilight

Lemons, Kumquats, Passion Fruit and Blueberries grow well in pots along the Rock Wall
Rock wall was hand built with local stone

Kumquat Tree
View down the hillside, the property sits on nearly 4 acres

Backyard and Garden Boxes
Just beyond the Garden Boxes these grape vines grew new this year. She had several varieties
and tons and tons of them. The hillside could be transformed into a gorgeous orchard.

Denise designed these two Garden Boxes with stone foundations
& picket fences, they are great for growing veggies

Garden Box
Denise's Curly Willow Tree,
one of her favorite things
Geranium boxes and ivy grow along the dividing neighbor's wall
Check out Part 3 for the Upstairs Pics

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  1. OH-MY-GOODNESS gracious! Your home is absolutely amazing, Denise. You would never have to go on vacation to Europe! Can I come for vacation to your Europe? Love everything you have done. Beautiful.