Monday, September 16, 2013

Dia de Los Muertos Hand Painted Hair Accessories

Day of the Dead Hair Pins by Teen Artist Sophia Balderas 2013
Available on our Etsy shop: whitehorserelics
This is the third year our sweet Sophie has created her Dia de Los Muertos hair accessories currently available online at Etsy under our shop: whitehorserelics. We've also put them in our AOC space in Solana Beach, Ca.
She was 11 when we returned to the states from living abroad in Mexico. In that same year she started her own line of handmade accessories. I think the Dia de Los Muertos pins and accessories are one of her favorite designs to create. At the age of 10 she spent Dia de Los Muertos with family inside a Mexico City cemetery, surrounded the whole night by thousands of beautiful people, vibrant colors, flowers, food, laughter, stories and prayers. I think she draws subconsciously from her heritage and early years in creating her artwork, and yet a lot of what she does is simply her....talented, cool & sweet :)
Thanks for taking a look!
Dia de Los Muertos Hair Accessory by Sophia Balderas 2013
Etsy shop: whitehorserelics
Day of the Dead Hair Accessory by Sophia Balderas 2013
Etsy shop: whitehorserelics
Dia de Los Muertos Hair Accessory by Sophia Balderas 2013
Etsy shop: whitehorserelics
Dia de Los Muertos Hair Accessory by Sophia Balderas 2013
Available at AOC
Dia de Los Muertos Hair Accessory by Sophia Balderas 2013
Available at AOC

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dress Forms, eBay, Etsy, & a trip to Rogers Gardens

A Couple of Denise's Newest Dress Forms-
 The top hat we found in an antique store back east & the skirt is from a vintage wedding gown. The handmade silk flowers she took off of a vintage British wedding gown & she hand stitched all the beads on the top.

Denise's Dress Form Design
Love the way this one laces up the back with more of the vintage flowers

A busy summer, mostly filled with endless days spent getting Denise's house ready for sale this month- the end is in sight which brings with it lots of emotions, this has been such a great space and place to call home for a lot of years, we are very thankful for the memories. It's also pretty exciting to think about and plan for our next home and adventure, Denise is thinking about a move back east that will put her closer to friends & family and fulfill her new found addiction to bird watching on the front porch. As for the girls and me, at this point it's pretty much wherever the wind takes us.

We did finally enter the 21st century this summer and started selling online, we are on eBay and Etsy and hopefully I can figure out how to put links up on the blog. I'll post pics of some of our items- we have a few things listed with more to come this weekend so please check it out-
For Etsy we are under our name: whitehorserelics
For eBay it's: whitehorserelics88

We took a mini road trip this past week with our good friend & artist, Carol Rea, up to Roger's Garden, in Orange County. We saw their AMAZING Halloween Gallery with gorgeous, lovely, creepy works of art from California artists. It was a much needed, fun filled & inspiring morning of ohhhhing and awwwwing!! I'll post some pics from their website..
My Favorite!!!
One of a Kind Amazing Hand Painted, Hand Made Pumpkin Heads with these Wonderful Glass Eyes, Just Gorgeous!
& What a great family display!!
I've found my new home!!!
Seriously? Can it get any Cooler??!! They have gorgeous flowers, home d├ęcor and wonderful
fresh pumpkins in all shapes, colors and sizes, definitely worth the drive!
Denise wanted me to leave this table in it's original wood finish with delicate inlay
 but there's something about this distressed color that I just love
Altar Box with Vintage Spanish Sleepy Eye Doll
on our Etsy shop

Altar Box with Vintage European Doll
on our Etsy shop
In making these I got to combine my love for dolls, altars and mixed media.
It's a cigar box with a Vintage European Doll with Vintage Sheet Music, Spools, Clock parts and a key.
We've added the crown(of course) and Milagros belt.
Very Old Italian Wooden Altar Box with the most Lovely Girl inside...
Beautiful details and features- one of my favorites!
Currently in our Etsy shop
(our first Etsy sale)
Yes, it's yet another Birdcage...with a santos head...and a crown - mixing it up a bit with the gray though!
I wish others shared my mom's passion for these so then we wouldn't have so many in our booth
Many Thanks & Smiles- Denise & Ashley