Sunday, October 6, 2013

Photo Gallery Tour of Denise's Home- Part 1

Denise's Home -Now for Sale- Cielo Community in Rancho Santa Fe, California
Pacific Sotheby's International Realty
Six months ago we started the process of getting mom and Jamie's house ready to sell. All of the cleaning and staging and frozen pizza for dinner nights are thankfully behind us & we are finally happy to report that the realtor listing papers were signed yesterday. I asked my mom, after the realtors walked through and complimented her talents and beautiful work in designing and staging the property, if she was sad to leave? She surprisingly didn't hesitate in answering. "No" she said with a smile, "this house is a dream home and it's been a wonderful 10 years, but it's just too much work!"

Loving the Lavender in bloom
The driveway arch is one of our favorites

Brick patio just to the left of the driveway.
Denise did all of the landscape design for the house
I frantically snapped photos before the realtor showing yesterday and was shocked when I downloaded them from the camera onto the computer- there were over 400! Lots of friends and family have been so supportive of us neglecting them over the past few months in focusing on this sale, so I hope everyone enjoys these next 3 or 4 posts of the house. We've had so many wonderful events with Family & Friends here and we look forward to creating new memories wherever our path leads... 
Front Entry
White Room- Front Room to the Left
White Room- Unlike some sellers who need to fill a room for staging-
 We actually had to edit out most of the items she had in this room

We love Sergio Bustamante, and was super excited to find this 1983 original ceramic piece at a
San Diego pawn shop, it was Denise's Mother's Day gift this year
White Room and Stairs
Some of Denise's Favorite items are this Vintage Jester Cast Figure that she
transformed into a Candelabra and the Black & White Chair she recovered
Music Room- Front Room to your Right
Denise did all of the faux painting in this room
These large arch windows throughout the home are what
sold her on the place 10 years ago

This great Italian Tole Birdcage she bought at the Vintage Marketplace from one
of the sweetest people ever, Miss Becky of Whimzy. The Art Deco wall lamps are nice
because they just plug in and the built-in alcoves are nice for staging
The Angel was a nice fit for the room

This mirror and marble table actually covers one of the more than
70 windows in the house.
This antique piano was a nice buy for $125 at a Riverside thrift shop a year ago
Staircase- Two story mural by well known muralist and set designer,
 Edmond Piffard

Edmond painted faux stone bricks around the four arch windows in the tower

Downstairs Hallway
Another view of the Downstairs Hallway
To your right and a few steps down is the Mini Wine Cellar
Denise had the cobble stone floor put in for added charm
This niche happened to be a perfect spot for this Antique Cabinet
we use for bar glasses
Detail of figure and wood inlay on the Antique Cabinet
Our favorite warrior
Right across from the warrior is actually two sets of French Doors that open up
onto the side patio and ivy wall
Another musical statue as you enter the patio
This is probably one of the most charming spots on the whole property-
one that we definitely could have spent more time in- the café lights are gorgeous at dusk-
I think I'll make everyone eat dinner out here tonight :)
 Diamond Ivy Wall that she designed and lovingly nurtured for many years
Another one of her babies is this gorgeous white rose arbor that leads
to the outdoor fireplace, pool and backyard
Back into the house this hallway leads to the dining room and art room
On the left in the Hallway is the Guest Bath
Denise hand painted these large diamonds on the wall
and made a mold to create the medallions at each point 
She brought back the Italian masks from a European vacation
many years ago
The curtain adds a nice feature to the space

Down the Hallway to the right is the Dining Room
Corner of the Dining Room
Because of the large size of the windows, Denise sewed and created
 most of the window treatments in the entire house
Dining Room with Denise's Gold Checkerboard Ceiling
Denise's hand painted Dining Chair. We have used these chairs for more than 15 years
and they still look just as beautiful as they did when she first painted them

Nice long marble side table with antique sea serpent lamps

More of the Downstairs Interior and Back Exterior in Part 2
Thanks for taking time to take a look!
Ashley & Denise

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! What a fabulous place and the decorations and finishing touches is what really makes it that much more special, just incredible.