Sunday, October 6, 2013

Photo Gallery Tour of Denise's Home- Part 4

Girl's Bedroom
 Murals by Denise
Here's the last group of photos of the upstairs and outside. Surprisingly, we are doing a good job
of keeping every room neat and clean for the realtor caravan and future showings.
 It's strange having the place so bare! 
It was tough, but we really tried to edit out some of our 'eclectic items'
while still showing the fun, charm & potential of the house.
As long as we are here we will continue to work on our White Horse Relics finds & creations.
We are currently at AOC in Solana Beach &
please check out our Etsy & Ebay sites in the upcoming days for more listings.
 Thanks for taking the time to look!
Denise is also pinning a lot of these photos on her
Do it Yourself Pinterest Board
where she's giving more details about projects and items in the home.
 Smiles- Ashley & Denise

Father Time & Fairy
Mural at entrance to Bedroom

In this Bathroom Denise tacked actual ribbon on the walls in a
diamond pattern with a bow at each point
Upstairs Hallway
Denise spent a couple of days last week making the drapes for this Hallway
Denise's Carriage Suite- she calls this the Neo-Classical Room
Denise's Room
Old Wire Cage Dress Form and Wall Sconce
Antique Desk and Chair,
 she painted Black & White stripes directly onto the faux leather 
Nice old mirror
She also did all the faux finish walls in this room too
Assembled Dress Form
Several ladies have mentioned her creations would make unique actual Wedding Gowns 
Carriage Suite Bath

This is one of the few pieces we still have that made the original move to San Diego in 1986.
She painted the antique china cabinet and has always used it as a linen closet

This room has a small balcony and private entrance
Entrance to the Carriage Suite
Ivy wall and staircase
There's something about the guy I've always liked
She had the custom iron geranium window boxes lined in burlap for a little European flair
Side of the House
We like the ivy look, but we think the plants may be on the verge of taking over

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