Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Transforming a Twin Headboard for a Queen!

Transform a Twin French Headboard to fit a Queen & a Queen Size Mattress
A Delightful Dilemma:
 In staging the house for showings we definitely needed a headboard for this bedroom.
Our good friend and fellow artist, Carol Rea, happened to have this wonderful French Provincial twin headboard that belonged to her mother. It still had it's original green paint, great design & patina and was in beautiful condition. She was sweet enough to let us try it in the room and what a perfect touch! Now that we had the perfect twin headboard, all we needed was to transform it to fit the queen size mattress.
Bedroom Before
Bedroom After
 And of course transforming around here usually means crowns & wings! To age the wings and give them an old world charm and texture Denise took a pair of large feathered wings, ones like you buy in a costume store, (or if you are lucky at the thrift store) and painted them. She's done this technique for years and incorporates these wings on a variety of different pieces. For the paint, you can use any type of acrylic paint, satin or flat finish. Helpful Hint: Start at the bottom tip and work your way up the wing.  For an extra aged look, once the paint dries you can go over them with a dark glaze. We're not sure if they still make it, but Ralph Lauren made a glaze called Tobacco that she uses quite a lot. It's not at all like a dark wax which is used now in aging furniture, the glaze is painted on. This pair of wings only has the acrylic paint.
For the headboard we cut the wings down the middle and then tacked them with small furniture tacks to the back of the headboard.
Feather Wings Painted with Acrylic Paint
The crown is a reproduction, hung from a nail in the wall and is easily slipped on and off.
A Royal and Angelic Headboard fit for a Queen
So a design dilemma that led to a cost free, fun & creative group solution!
We couldn't have asked for anything better! 
A Big Thank You to Carol for sharing such a lovely piece from her mom's collection,
 it makes the space a thousand times more Special & Beautiful!
Using elements from our studio garage, and the kindness of a dear friend,
we were able to give this room the whimsy and charm it needed.
Vintage French Provincial Headboard
A Cozy, Whimsical Bed fit for a Queen!