Monday, June 6, 2011

Fabulous Weekend at The Vintage Marketplace

Our space at The Vintage Marketplace June 3rd & 4th in Rainbow, Ca

Bravo! to the dynamic duo of Rita Reade and Christie Repasy for putting on such a fantastic show! Not only are these two ladies talented artists but amazing organizers and promoters as well! We couldn't have asked for a better location, crowd and neighbors. We wish we had gone around and photographed all of the vendors booths, they were so beautiful - everyone's work was so different, unique, vintage, inspiring and creative! Check out the Vintage Marketplace on facebook for photos, vendors and more info. Thanks again to Rita & Christie for all of their hard work - what a wonderful show to have been a part of - we can't wait to see everyone again in September!

Denise doesn't let us down with yet another fabulous mannequin - this one is a little different from her Miss "M" mannequin, but she is just as fun and fabulous.

This vintage patio set was really popular

I sold this birdsnest chair in Irvine at the Flea
Market yesterday. This sweet girl bought the set for her
patio/garden area 

Next up for us is the Long Beach Flea Market on June 19th, space H-148.
 Then we are headed back east for a little family fun and treasure hunting!
We'll try to keep up with our blog during our trip and keep everyone posted on what fabulous finds we discover!