Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Daughter Nature

Sophia's Creative Design project for April 2014, 
she titled Daughter Nature
 She enjoys this class this semester, the students have a lot of freedom
in choosing the medium and concepts for projects
 Many of these pieces she found in her Grandmother's studio,
others she found at our favorite thrift store
The ears and fur head piece she made from a fur collar she found at the thrift

The hair, also from the thrift, are long clip-in extensions
She cut bangs, added feathers and braided strands
Black feather eyelashes
And I now know what snake bite piercings are

She built the shoulders and thigh bowls in order to plant live plants
At 15, there's a confidence in her that I admire, a trust
 in being open to the creative process, a belief in herself and her vision, all reflecting in her work
 She's fun and inspiring and a Naturally Lovely Daughter


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