Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our New Year's Resolution- Selling Online!

What a face!
 I love this vintage portrait I found in it's original oval frame

We hope everyone is happily ringing in the New Year this evening- Denise spent her New Year's Eve day cleaning out the garage- which was much needed and will make cranking out fun / funky / fabulous pieces all the more easier!
We hope to spend all of next week reworking our two store spaces.
Our resolution for this year - selling our artwork and vintage finds online. We opened up an etsy store about a year ago and have yet to list one item! We hope to learn from friends/vendors how to network more on facebook too, so a much needed push into the 21st century is coming our way!
I took some photos of our Rustic Sparrow booth today, we've added a few more finds.

Denise came across this vintage blanket chest circa 1919 a few days ago - it's great because it still has it's pullout shelf

Denise hand painted this face vase a few years back,
it's really fun and whimsical

It wasn't until I hung this metal soldier head on the wall
that I noticed the great horse on his helmet

Our Rustic Sparrow space this month

We will be sure and post when we begin our online selling venture!
We had a great 2011 and look forward to even more fabulous finds and creative endeavors in the New Year! - Best Wishes for a Great 2012!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

December Vintage Marketplace

Our Booth at the December Vintage Marketplace in Rainbow, Ca

We survived another Vintage Marketplace this weekend - barely! It was a ton of work getting ready for this event this time around - I think we just spread ourselves a little too thin! I'm posting several photos from our booth. Denise did another fantastic mannequin, he's definitely one of my favorites!

The Hunter
An Assembled 'Man'nequin by Denise Chafin using vintage & new embellishments

A side view

Close up of The Hunter with vintage eye glasses, an old cigarette case and pipe

Santos Cage Doll atop a Birdcage all on an assembed pedestal

Denise finally got to set up this old iron bed, she's been wanting to do this idea in our Rustic Sparrow booth space but we just haven't had the time or the room

Denise found this great set of pink vintage dishes

Several people liked our TeaTree - we thought it was a fun way to display a place setting for 8

A few distressed furniture pieces

This was a neat assembled piece with a vintage pipe, stamp & feathers in a nest under a dome

Denise picked up this old plant stand with cane sides last week and did a fabulous job giving it new life with the Annie Sloan Chalk paint 

I did some new paper figure designs for the show and thought they looked fun displayed on old silverware in creamer and sugar pots

Rita Reade & Christie Repasy once again did an amazing job as creators/organizers of this event and it's always great to see familiar faces and catch up with such sweet, fun people!
We won't be returning as vendors to the March 2012 Vintage Marketplace, but we look forward to returning as shoppers and as friends supporting a wonderful group of women artists!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our Holiday Vignette at Vignette's

Our holiday vignette at Vignette's on Newport Ave in Ocean Beach is currently a work in progress, but with the addition of Denise's beautiful Winter Wonderland Mannequin and Dresser this week- the space is definitely getting there! Denise is working on a few more festive pieces to add before the Vignette's Holiday Open House on December 8th from 3:00-8:00pm. But here's a few photos of some of our newest items...

Denise gave new life to an old dresser with a touch of Annie Sloan chalk paint
Atop the dresser are some of our assembled pieces along with some of my Mexico City Flea Market finds.
The metal military hat is actually an old Prussian Cigarette Dispenser
This vintage shoe mold was another find on my trip- very cool and quite heavy
Yet another Flea Market find - this one is probably my favorite - I bought the hand made altar and the old doll  from the same vendor on two separate days- Denise had the metal cup in her treasure of trinkets- it's fun when things come together and work

Since we did some rearranging in our space I was able to take a better photo of Denise's cool Bergere Chair -
I think she did a great job with the paint and the upholstery

Here's another look at Denise's Winter Wonderland Mannequin- she's beautiful- and I love how all of her mannequin creations have a similarity as well as a uniqueness about them. One of my favorite pieces she's creating is almost finished - it's a definite 'man'nequin and he's awesome, probably my favorite - I'll post pics as soon as he's done- so keep checking back!

Next week is the big Vintage Marketplace - December 2nd & 3rd in Rainbow, Ca - we're excited to see all of the vendors and the fun stuff they bring to the show. I'm excited to see what fun stuff we're bringing to the show too - just kidding - we have several new pieces with Denise's special touch & vintage pieces too that will be filling our space- can't wait!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Winter Princess

The newest addition to our dress form family has moved into the window at Vignettes in Ocean Beach.  It used to be so easy for me to name almost everything I created and Ashley used to find it amusing that I gave everything a name.  For some reason, all the dress form divas, or darlings, seem to remain nameless.  Maybe they are waiting for the new owner to give them a name, or identity, once they find their new home.     

The soft palette of beiges, creams and whites, plus the icy beads applied to the bodice stayed within that wintery feeling.

There were glorious icicle wings planned for her, but the grandeur of the back didn't call for wings.  She will not be given the power of angelic flight with magnificent wings, but will remain grounded as a royal winter figure.

Thus, the headdress...wintery forest, why not?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Great Holiday Shopping at the Rustic Sparrow!

Our Old World Winter Wonderland...
The swan is pulling this Barbara Chapman Santa through the white winter forest!

With the holidays already here it couldn't be a better time to take an afternoon shopping trip on Grand Avenue in Escondido for special items for friends and family members on your list! The Rustic Sparrow is full of wonderful vendors with fun, beautiful & unique items!
Customers overwhelmingly love the whole vibe of the store; the eclectic mix of vintage and new items, the design of each vendor's space, and of course the great prices.

Local residents have been so encouraging about having a special store like the Rustic Sparrow on Grand Ave., and out of town guests love the unique items that the store has to offer.  
With over 20 vendors, new and different items come through the doors every day! 

 Starting tomorrow the store will stay open an extra hour for holiday shopping!
The new store hours are Monday-Saturday 11-6pm.

This Saturday, November 26th is Shop Small Businesses Day sponsored by American Express, so please stop by and say "Hi!" ( I'll be working that day!)  Several vendors are having booth-wide sales on top of their already great prices, so it's definitely a great time and place to shop!

These photos are just a sneak peek as to what treasures you'll find...

The owners, Heather & Jacqueline's fun pieces

Debbie's finds are great - I love this hand painted
vintage basket...very French!

Jana has fun/shabby items, she has several barns that she pulls stuff from to fill her space!

This talented, young artist creates beautiful,
fun accessories!
(and I'm not just saying that 'cause I'm her Mom!)

Sophie's latest one of a kind designs

Elena has two spaces: This one features amazing handmade ironwork and decorative items with a Latin feel-
Her other space is a red, white and black theme booth with a very glamorous old Hollywood vibe

Stacey's sweaters, scarves & purses are great for this time of year!

Lauren has great things and she displays them so beautifully

Mary's Entourage Collection features Beautiful Unique Jewelry


Lisa does it all, from running her own Estate Sales business, to her own warehouse, to filling her space with fun items

Barbe is our newest vendor and she is a doll! She's traveled all
over and has the most unique collection of items!

Paddie & Candy feature beautiful furniture, dishes and decorative items along with my favorite -
this handmade jewelry with fun text and images

Carol's our new neighbor right across from us and she has vintage pieces as well as wonderful one of a kind items that she paints and decoupages 

Heather and Jacqueline have the latest
and most classic styles of handbags,
their purses sell really well & fast!

Their jewelry features beautiful stones & designs

This couple has fun holiday items & home decorative pieces too!
Patricia features items with a classic style
This new vendor does a great table display with her items

You really can find just about everything here...including sweat treats!
Debbie creates beautiful one of a kind pieces

I love Jodi's use of stones, antlers, and vintage pieces

Lori- a brand new vendor- hand makes paper creations - these ornaments are very sweet!
Fun soaps in great scents and colors

Sharon's space features, handbags, jewelry and beautiful home decorative items

Leslie designs and hand makes these fun, unique stools


We're doing a sale in our space this week, 10% - 50% off  all items in our entire booth!
One of my Mexico City finds- it's a great vintage print in a metal frame

The Rustic Sparrow
128 E. Grand Ave. in Escondido
Monday - Saturday 11am - 6pm