Sunday, October 6, 2013

Photo Gallery Tour of Denise's Home Part 3

Denise's Home
view from the staircase

Photo Gallery Part 3 of the House- Upstairs
Front Entryway Mural by Edmond Piffard
Italian Landscape Mural by Edmond Piffard

Beautiful views of the moon & night sky peek through these windows

A favorite view in the house from the landing

I love this chair- Denise used a wood burning tool to create the
image in the leather  

Upstairs Hall with Office Nook

Master Bedroom

 Master Fireplace

Master Bath featuring Denise's Tuscan Murals
Master Bath

More of Miss Denise's murals grace the upstairs hallway

I believe I remember her saying these are titled The Huntress & The Gatherer

Hallway Mural

Media Room

Media Room with curtains half open
 One of the most popular rooms for our family is this room we call the Media Room, it's not terribly big, but it's great because Denise made these dark chocolate curtains that transform the room into a dark movie theater day or night.
The coffee table is an old barn chest with it's original lift out tray from 1919.  
Girl's Bedroom
Headboard from our sweet friend and artist Carol Rea, it was her mother's headboard
A touch of Angel Wings & Crown add a bit of fun and whimzy


Pink Dresser & Mirror- a match made in heaven
These were two separate pieces that we originally didn't think of putting together, last week I took the mirror over to our booth to sell and Denise had an ahhahhh moment the next morning and called over to the store and had them hold it for her- too funny- but she was right- it works
Who doesn't love silver trays, pink mirrors, candelabras & Alice?
Sweet Alice is by Jenny Hernandez of The Polka Dot Pixie,
one of my favorite artists
The pair of oval mirrors are reproductions but they look pretty good with the fuzzy aged mirror,
the nightstands are vintage Drexel and chalk painted and the vintage wire form is listed in our Etsy shop

Denise hand painted this bathroom wall with a
  gorgeous stencil rose

This room just wouldn't be complete without one of Denise's Dress Form creations,
this one features a vintage nightgown on an old green marble & iron lamp stand

Lovely use of vintage and new flowers, jewels & beads
This room has a nice view of the pool and landscape
Check out Part 4 of the Photo Gallery Tour for more Upstairs & Outside Pics
...I'll give a sneak peek.... 
Denise's Carriage Suite Bedroom

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