Tuesday, February 26, 2013

White Santos Figure

The White Santos Figure is a reproduction Santos Doll turned into a one of a kind art piece
Adorned with vintage French crochet skirt, beads, veil cape and tiara
Denise also added a light that gives off a gorgeous glow  

White Santos Figure adorned with Vintage Textiles and Jewelry
by Denise Chafin of White Horse Relics

We took this lovely lady over to Cedros yesterday. Denise has been working on her for quite some time and selling some pieces over the weekend at AOC inspired her to complete this White Santos Figure and get it into the booth. It's been a fun creative process working with these reproduction santos figures because they are like a blank canvas and you're able to play around with them- drilling holes, gluing, tweaking and transforming. It's interesting because santos figures I adorn are simple- a crown, a cross necklace- pretty predictable and basic. However you know it's one of Denise's when it lights up, has gorgeous bling and lots and lots of tulle. She and I are often opposites when it comes to design and yet we have so much fun working and creating together. She is up in LA today at the docs- still working on her health and healing path and I couldn't be more proud of her :)

Denise loved this assembled piece she created and I know it was hard for her to part with it-
I feel a bit bad because this Angel Santos Figure and the large birdcage SOLD within
a couple of days- I think we are supposed to feel good when we make a sale- right?
9 times out of 10 we are a little sad to see it go
Santos Birdcage Doll, Jester Lamp, St. Judas & Altar and my Agapito Labios painting displayed in
our AOC booth

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Some Steampunk Style

We've been healing, playing and vacationing for much of this month- but this week we pleasantly surprised ourselves and made a few new pieces for AOC and took them over tonight just before closing
Steampunk Dress Form Assembled with Antique & New Metal Parts & Pieces
Vintage Dress Form with Steampunk Industrial Chic Dress
Assembled from Vintage & New Parts & Pieces by artist Denise Chafin

Antique Birdcage on a Vintage Wood and Metal Rim Table
Inside is a Santos Angel with A Time Keeper
Santos Figure with Time Keeper who cradles an antique clock part
Earlier this month I was able to take a few days and travel to one of my favorite places- Mexico City
18th Century Church in Mexico City with Amazing Frescoes, Mosaics, Paintings, Architecture and Stained glass
I only had one shopping day for the Flea Market but it was fun. As always I found tons of things I either couldn't afford or cram into my suitcase but just getting to look is always an adventure. I managed to make just a few purchases and my favorite find:
 an Agapito Labios Painting from the mid 20th century
 I love the subject and my girls and I had this same view of the Warrior & Princess Volcanoes from our home outside of Mexico City a few years ago- so this painting was an especially sweet find.
An Agapito Labios painting, mid 20th century
A Special Thanks to Anisa & Eldon of Antiques on Cedros for staying open a little later tonight for us to rework our booth- we just love it there and the store has an amazing vibe and even more amazing merchandise and vendors!
We are taking a short road trip tomorrow up to Oceanside, Ca to check out Lucky Street Productions Flea Market. They have such a great concept in that they rent out wonderful vintage props for any occasion along with hosting a monthly flea market with various vendors. From their posts on Facebook and the web they have some very cool pieces so we're excited to go!
Next up for us, a whole new theme in our booth for March and April.
Online selling is somewhere on the horizon, although we've been saying that forever,
someday we'll mean it!