Saturday, December 15, 2012

Santos Dolls, Animals & More

Denise's Royalty Animals Decked out for the Holidays
We are Loving our new space at AOC; great location, customers, vendors & owners are really making us feel like we are in the right place. We were bringing more items in yesterday, when we just happened by chance, to meet the sweet lady who bought Denise's latest Dress Form. She was so excited to have it in her collection of treasured things and it was a joy meeting her.
We've recently added more santos figures, furniture & more one of a kind assembled pieces.
The swan is gorgeous and Denise adorned her with vintage jewelry and a tea light candle holder as the crown- she's beautiful when lit!
Beautiful Assembled Swan
We love this guy- he has real horns and of course we blinged him up a bit-
Not sure if he's a Long-Haired Goat or a Sheep, but he's a cutie
Hand Carved Wooden Horse with Festive Hat & Garland

We weren't sure what this charming guy was meant to hold-
A flower pot or gifts under a tree could be fun
Angel Santos Doll with Italian vintage vine crown
Several new Santos Cage Dolls & Figures
Close up of newest Santos Cage Doll- I brought back the rosary and crown from a Mexico City trip.
I love the space next to ours at AOC with the to-die-for chandelier-
 it makes the most gorgeous backdrop for anything!
Santos Cage Doll with added twig garland, giant wings, cross necklace
& vintage Italian vine crown 
1880's Wicker Baby Stroller/Carriage/Pram very sweet and in really good condition-
The interior sides still had much of the original fabric and horsehair padding,
Denise gently tacked some linen on top to preserve the original fabric-
It's a darling design with great detail & patina
1880's Wicker Baby Carriage/Stroller/Pram
This would be sweet in a nursery or in a sun room with wicker furniture

This is a view of the top of the cedar chest
The pair of vintage Italian Marble lamps
are a recent find- the tole vine and porcelain flower shades are rare  
Assembled Dome
Found this carved wood vintage Infant of Prague and had fun assembling him into
a sculptural piece with this art deco frame and print of Jesus, vintage angel,
& real bird's nest
We first saw this clever Lampshade Tree idea at the Sweet Magnolia's booth at the
Vintage Marketplace in Rainbow, Ca
 Denise has been saving lampshade frames for
quite awhile until she finally had all the rights sizes to create one
Altar, quite large, hand carved and handmade from Mexico
with Bell, Sacred Heart & Light

Inside the altar is an assembled santos infant head in an antique silverplate pickle castor

Display cabinet with Standing Santos Doll, old books, trophy &
Even though there are lots of these rerpoduction Santos Dolls on the market,
 one of the best things about them is their amazing faces & eyes, and being able to get creative
 and adorn them with all sorts of found objects. This one is wearing old coins as earrings-
It's hard to see in this pic, but this Santos Doll's belt is an old yet fancy metal
Burbon label wth keys found in a 90 year old barn
This Gorgeous White Santos Cage Doll is a future project for Denise to adorn,
I photographed her here in Denise's front room the day we got her.
Check back soon to see how she will transform
So we've been a little busy, which is great, we wouldn't want it any other way 
& look forward to finding more fabulous finds and creating fun pieces in the New Year!
Happy Holidays and Best Wishes in 2013!