Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun Fall Pumpkins

Hey, I've decided to post on here because mom (Denise) is busy enjoying some pomegranite sorbet.  We had a really hot two days at Urban Barn, don't think we'll be doing that show anymore.  We want to focus on some bigger events and start online sales of our work.  We both had fun making the pumpkins- they turned out really great.  Sophie worked really hard on her artwork and she even had some repeat customers this weekend.  We hope to start networking more online, all of the outside vendors at Urban Barn are sweet, fun, talented people and we wish them great success.  I will hopefully work on getting an etsy account set up in the next couple weeks so I'll keep our progress posted.  Please feel free to leave comments or be one of our followers - we'd love to hear from everyone. Thanks - Ashley