Friday, August 13, 2010

We're finally online!

Hey everyone, we have finally entered into the 21st century and started our blog! We will be in Long Beach this Sunday, August 15th at the Long Beach Outdoor Antique and Collectible Market, and at the Urban Barn outdoor market in Escondido on Friday, August 2oth and Saturday, August 21st.  We've been working on some fun new pieces and we're thrilled about showing our work, seeing familiar faces and meeting new friends.  We're not total newcomers to all of this, we did art shows back in the 90's, however, we're really excited about getting back into the mix and all of the benefits of creating and networking online.  We've met some amazingly talented artists at the Urban Barn show over the last few months and they have given us great advice and encouragement which we truely appreciate!  So, please visit our blog often, tell friends & leave comments - we'd love to here from you! We're still figuring out how to navigate through all of this but so far so good!