Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We're into Domes...

My favorite new piece, this antique angel head with wings from the 17th-18th century
This Antique Angel Head with Wings dates from the 17th-18th century
I love his eyes - I think they are made of glass, his head and wings are wood
The lady I bought it from said it came from a European Theater

I think this Antique Angel's face - is one of the prettiest ones I've seen

It was a Vignette's Wednesday today, we headed down to Ocean Beach to rework our space.
I didn't realize until I uploaded the pictures for this post that we are apparently on a dome roll!
It's funny how you get into different phases. We're finding the large glass domes and having fun arranging unique items to fit inside.

We took this Marie Antoinette bust and blinged her up a bit and she happen to fit perfectly
in a vintage silverplate dish - we thought the tray and dome finished off the look

Denies painted this vintage desk - it's a great size and color that could fit just about any space

I bought this great collection of Vintage pipes from my favorite vendor at the Rustic Sparrow - Barbe
I don't know if it's the fact that the pipes remind me of my Grandpa or that I think they look really cool
in assembled pieces that draws me to them
This dome was fun to make and luckily I purchased these smaller early 20th century books from Barbe too
because they fit perfectly!

Speaking of the Rustic Sparrow, Heather - another one of my favorite ladies who happens to also
be the owner, sold us this Amazing Vintage Display Cabinet!
It features a light, 3 glass shelves, a mirrored back and appears to have it's original cream and gold paint
Thanks  Heather - it's a great addition to our space!

This vintage,ornate, carved wood mirror was a find!
It's obviously been painted white, but the original gold paint is starting
to show throughin several places.
I love the large size and the detailing - we are displaying it on an easel - which I think would
also be a great way to display it in a room!

I love this frame. Denise has had it in her own collection for several years, it's hand-made
with fun metal embellishments. I found the old photo during my last trip to Mexico- she's a cutie

We're currently collecting and photographing pieces to sell online which is great and probably long overdue!
We're loving Pinterest, there are so many great ideas - not just for decorating - but just things that can make your day go a little happier and easier - so definitely check it out if your not pinning already!