Friday, September 14, 2012

Getting Ready for Fall at Both Locations!

Denise Handpainted this Wonderful Moon for our Holiday Displays;
 He's currently in the Rustic Sparrow window
Our favorite time of year is just around the corner and it's always fun getting ready for fall! We started a bit early this year and created a few new Halloween items, one of my favorite is the giant moon Denise painted- he looks awesome among the tree and merchandise!
Denise worked an entire day creating this beautiful masquerade pumpkin, we took it to Knorr Candle Factory
right at closing time yesterday and it sold first thing today!

I think my mom's imagination lives in a place called Wonderland and she has a best friend named Alice, because I know she secretly wishes all pumpkins & birds wore crowns- and people too!
She worked really hard on creating this masquerade pumpkin so it's very sweet that he sold so soon-
Colorful Hat - Steam Punk inspired - fun for Halloween-
New Years- or just to Display

I recently worked on a few of these top hats, they are pretty fun to create and you can use many of the materials you already have- The hats are common now at party supply places and I tied ribbon around the base, used playing cards(this one happens to feature a joker), clock parts, handmade ribbon flowers, leaves, metal embellishments, feathers and netting. I shouldn't joke about Denise living in Wonderland because these look a little Mad Hatter now that I'm looking at it!
 These would be fun to wear at Halloween with just a plain black eye mask
This Victorian Bench already had some beautiful detail in the metal work, but the old tapestries that
Denise covered it in really added to it's unqiue charm- this sold within a couple of days of being at Knorr
Like with everyone who does what we do, we put a lot of heart and soul into whatever we work on and it's always nice when a piece sells and you know it's moving on into someone else's space for them to enjoy!
Sweet Crystal Lamp Denise Assembled from different parts,
it's beautiful when it's on and off
This lamp was a labor of love, matching up the pattern of all the different crystals, it turned out beautiful though, the base features these lovely griffins and the lamp is assembled from metal parts, vintage and new crystals
I had been looking for a dresser to try this finish on and was excited to spot this old one!
 A while back online I found artists- I believe in Arizona- that paint a lot of pieces with color on just the cabinets and not the drawers- so I had been on the lookout for a piece to try it on and I happend to find this huge old dresser with a beautiful finish on it already- so with some help on the color and paint via friend and artist Carol Rea, I was able to do this in one morning- it's a lot easier when you have less surface to paint!

Looking forward to cleaning out more of the garage and finishing more projects in the next few weeks- I'll post more pics soon :)