Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thanks to Robyn of Magnolia Creek Marketplace for a Fun Weekend !

Unbelievably BEAUTIFUL location for a Marketplace

Denise and I just got back from Valley Center where Robyn of Magnolia Creek & Co. Atelier hosted a wonderful Marketplace. The setting was beautiful and as always fun, sweet vendors kept us laughing, as well as gave us some good info on upcoming events, online services and new technologies for sales. It's so beneficial to meet and network with other vendors - Denise and I tend to want to spend most of our time on the hunt for treasures and creating, however, we are quickly learning that to succeed it's important to network and make connections with other artists and sellers.

Dodi of Bags from Britches on the left has original, whimsical creations - her umbrellas are especially sweet
Amber of Black Rooster Cottage is on the right - great vintage items- her handmade cupcakes and pillows are darling

Sylvia & her husband of Paris Cowgirl have great vintage pieces as well as beautiful clothing and jewelry

Bethany of m.o.m. designs and hand makes amazing clothes and accessories for kids & women

This is a pic from Robyn's blog - she has a unique collection of amazing vintage pieces and beautiful accents for your home and garden

What a fun, talented group of people to hang out with this weekend!
 Many Thanks to Robyn and Anders for all of their efforts in hosting this event - Robyn has an amazing shop on the property so check out for more info on her store hours and future marketplaces.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fabulous Finds in Mexico City's Flea Markets

French tapestries, angel wall sconces, Mexican angel plaques and crystal tiaras are just a few of my finds from the flea markets of Mexico City

In a last minute decision a couple of weeks ago I booked a ticket to Mexico City. I thought I was going for a little R&R, and while I did have 2 days in the beautiful historic city of Guanajuato, the other 4 days I spent hitting the back street flea markets of the city in search of treasures. I'd spent a year living just outside Mexico City and was aware of the European influences in the city's architecture and religion, but I had no idea until my treasure hunting trip of the variety of vintage pieces you can find from just about everywhere. I found lots of antique French, Spanish and Italian home decorative pieces, so many it was overwhelming. 

A sample of the treasures old and new found in Mexico City

I assumed that I would find mostly woods, iron and ceramic pieces - which I love and have used in the past to decorate my own spaces, but it was a fun surprise to see so many vintage ornate metals, chandeliers, tapestries and artwork from around the world. The prices were great too, one particular street off the beaten path had vendor after vendor of amazing pieces - at least 5 things in every space I wished I could take home, unfortunately for me I only had so much room in my two suticases. 

These great hand forged keys are to the giant wood and iron doors that line the historic streets of Mexico City

The vendors were willing in most cases to bargain, however all of them knew the quality and value in the pieces they were selling. They were eager to tell the story behind the items they had and it was a great learning experience for me simply spending a few minutes talking with them.

In the heart of downtown Mexico City I found some fabulous new pieces and traditional Mexican artwork. After this little adventure who needs Paris Flea Markets? Just kidding - Paris will have to be my next spur of the moment trip ( my dreams...) but for now I'm happy with my south of the border finds. It was a fun time of year to be in the city -as always I met wonderful, sweet people and I look forward to returning soon in search of a great tamale and treasure! 
As soon as I saw these angel plaques I knew my mom Denise would love them - I was right

I on the other hand love, love, love this pair of angel wall sconces

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Magnolia Creek Marketplace July 30th & 31st

We just received this beautiful postcard for the Magnolia Creek & Co Marketplace July 30th & 31st.  Robyn Wexler is hosting this event and she is so much fun - we are excited to showcase some of our back east finds at this two day event - hope to see familiar faces and new ones too! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Look for Us at The Rustic Sparrow & at the Magnolia Creek & Co. Show

The Rustic Sparrow 128 Grand Ave., Escondido Ca - Open Mon - Sat
We've wasted no time in getting back into creating mode after our trip back east.  We've been back almost a week and we've set up a permanent space at The Rustic Sparrow in Escondido, Ca. 

The Steam Punk Mannequin and Assembled Trays are featured in the front windows
This charming vintage Italian tole lamp is a three way light

The Rustic Sparrow is now open Monday-Saturday and located at 128 Grand Ave.  There are a variety of vendors with fun items including vintage home decor, new home decor, clothing, paintings, jewelry, accessories and more.  We're excited to have a permanent location to show our work and we're looking forward to filling our space in the weeks to come. We are also excited to be a vendor at the Magnolia Creek & Co. Event July 30th & 31st in Valley Center.  Check out for more info. This will be another fabulous show and venue and we'll give more details about this great event in the next few days.