Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Fun & Fabulous Fall Pumpkins!

Assembled Masquerade Pumpkin
We had such a great response from our fun fall pumpkins last year that we couldn't wait to design more for this season! Our beautiful masquerade pumpkin from last year sold to a good friend back east who used it to actually decorate for New Year's Eve, which is a great idea for our masquerade pumpkin from this year too. I think he looks very regal and mysterious!

Princess & Carriage Pumpkin

I like the Princess pumpkin we designed, it's very simple yet elegant with a touch of moss and mushrooms weaving around the gold carriage that comfortably cradles this blinged out princess.

Crows & Candleabra Carriage

This crows and candleabra carriage is fun, Heather-owner of the Rustic Sparrow- says it reminds her of carrying an old candleabra through a haunted mansion. These crows are sporting crowns-of course.

Masquerade Pumpkin with Withered Tree Hat

This guy is another masquerade pumpkin we created for this season. He stands really tall with his feather tree hat, I think he would make such a striking centerpiece in any display.

Our Assembled Pumpkin Pooch - what a face!

Ok...could he be any cuter? This little guy has been a crowd favorite on Halloween night with the Trick or Treaters for several years.  We create him every year, sometimes he has different ears or a bigger nose, but it's amazing how his sweet expression never changes year after year. He's made with two sizes of white foam pumpkins - the head being slightly smaller than the body. Furniture tacks with a large decorative design make up his spots, old christmas ornaments his ears, a handle for a mouth and of all things a Jello mold is his nose. We're thinking about taking him over to the Rustic Sparrow tomorrow - I'm not so sure we can part with him though- he really is like part of the family!
We have even more fun and unique pumpkins still in the works- I'll post more photos next week.   

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another Fabulous Vintage Marketplace!

Denise's Dress Form for this Show - An Assembled Angel

We just got home from another wonderful two day Vintage Marketplace in beautiful Rainbow, Ca. Rita Reade and Christie Repasy hosted yet another amazing Marketplace! This dynamic duo really puts on a great show and it is not only a great venue for selling our items but it really is the best place for laughing with fellow artists who we now call friends, drooling over amazing creations from super creative women and meeting sweet people who give such positive feedback on our work! Thanks to everyone who came out in spite of the power outage and the warm weather- it was a fun show - we'll see you all again in December!
Please stop by The Rustic Sparrow on Grand Ave. in Escondido to see more of our work in between shows!

The White Horse Relics Booth at the September Vintage Marketplace

We found this 1905 Victorian Dress back east this summer.
We added the ribbon flowers, feathers and vintage equestrian
hat and umbrella for a funky steampunk look.

I love the detailing on the back of this 106 year old outfit!

Denise's Church Chair with Vintage Painting drew a lot of attention this weekend- many admirers thought the marriage of the painting to the chair was the perfect match

Denise showcased several new assembled trays at the show - these are great one of a kind sculptural pieces as well as beautiful serving trays, jewelry trays and great for decorating at the holidays

Denise's hand painted ornate headboard and vintage tables were popular - she's using shades of gray on some of her pieces now which is a nice alternative to white

This great vintage ironing board is stamped "Hatherly" we thought that was the maker - turns out it comes from the Hatherly Hotel in England

Denies and her sweet friend Susan who also shares a passion for Italian and Fabulous Vintage items

Another look at Denise's Assembled  Angel - she's very grand and "ethereal" as our neighbor Janelle called her. She's quite tall and statuesque and really added a beautiful, special touch to our space