Monday, March 7, 2011

The 'Divine Miss M' Mannequin

Denise's 'Divine Miss M' Mannequin made her debut this weekend at the Chateau de Fleurs Vintage Marketplace in Fallbrook, CA & the Irvine Flea Market.  She was a popular attraction, the focus of many camera lenses, and the reason behind many smiles, oohs and ahhs.  She was also an inspiration to several customers, one in particular said now she knows how to showcase her great grandmother's wedding gown- put it on a manequin.  I can't tell you how many ladies heart's I had to break at Irvine yesterday when I told them that this was not an actual dress they could wear, but rather a work of art permanently attached to the dress form.  Denise has had such a positive response to her Divine Miss M that she is already searching for unique, beautiful pieces for her next dress form.  Miss Divine is still available, so if you are interested in her please let us know!

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