Monday, March 21, 2011

Design Idea: The Crowning Touch!

Who doesn't loooooove crowns! I put them on anyone or anything standing still....they are so in right now (and have been). One lady told me there are "crown clubs" who purchase many of her crowns regularly. I should belong, the way I stick crowns all over my house, inside and out.  Anytime I travel crowns are one of the things I always look for...I found three crowns, like the one above, on a visit to relatives and friends in West Virginia and Virginia three years ago. They look like a really old crown, but they must be reproductions, as I have seen smaller versions of them here, more recently.

Rusty crown-rusty bust! Actually Socrates (I think) came from a shopping trip to Rosarito Beach a long time ago and he is concrete just painted with a rust paint.  The guys who used to run this outdoor garden place did really great finishes on their concrete statues and stuff. I miss going there for my outdoor pots and such. (sigh)

The headless goddess is holding her crown since she has no head to put it on.  I found her at Kobey's Swap Meet almost ten years ago. I haven't been there in a long time, but I love flea markets, swap meets and anywhere old treasures are waiting to be found.

The key to "crowning" is to see crowns that are waiting to be unveiled....the above "crown" is actually part of a chandelier that had been taken apart and recycled.....fits perfectly....

For those of you who met My Guy, the Harlequin/Jester Chandelier man, when I introduced him at Urban Barn, know how much I loooooooved him...he is soooooo handsome and was one of those things that turned out better than I had imagined.....anyway, I really did try to sell him (giggle, giggle)....but I knew he was meant to live with me, so he now resides in the front room and I do believe that is a smile on his face......

A Crown and a have seen my smaller bird cages with the crowns, even the birds too have crowns....well, this cage which occupies a small little plot in the yard is actually about four feet tall; I could actually sit in there, okay! okay! a few years ago I could have fit in there (smile)...I keep looking for just the right tenant to live there...I have two large brass quail and two large brass cranes, but, of course, I want to go for the unexpected.....I'll keep you posted....

(above)  Room To Rent!!!

This lovely winged lady, also found in Rosarito Beach years ago, is actually wearing a curly wired bowl that I just cut the bottom out of so it would sit on her head ....finishing touch!

The Bather got her crown right after I added more smokey glaze to her too white body and ...
doesn't it suit her!

My husband found this bronze beauty at an estate sale years ago (many people who visit do wonder what is with all the heads, busts, statues, etc. living among us; I have no real answer, they all just moved in and never left).....anyway, not to take away from her beauty, a twisted grape vine is all she needed...

Just a few ideas to put the crowning touch on something or someone at your home. It's late and I'm putting on my tiara and going to bed now.....Good Night...(smile)

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