Friday, November 25, 2011

Winter Princess

The newest addition to our dress form family has moved into the window at Vignettes in Ocean Beach.  It used to be so easy for me to name almost everything I created and Ashley used to find it amusing that I gave everything a name.  For some reason, all the dress form divas, or darlings, seem to remain nameless.  Maybe they are waiting for the new owner to give them a name, or identity, once they find their new home.     

The soft palette of beiges, creams and whites, plus the icy beads applied to the bodice stayed within that wintery feeling.

There were glorious icicle wings planned for her, but the grandeur of the back didn't call for wings.  She will not be given the power of angelic flight with magnificent wings, but will remain grounded as a royal winter figure.

Thus, the headdress...wintery forest, why not?