Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Salvation Army Charity Art Auction and Souper Stars of Service Luncheon

Denise and I are in production mode this week- we've got more pieces to add to both our Rustic Sparrow and Vignette's spaces as well as getting new, fun pieces ready for the Vintage Marketplace that's only two weeks away!

On a previous post we showed pics of Denise's transformation pieces for a Salvation Army Art Auction and Luncheon, The Souper Stars of Service. The event was held in Riverside earlier this month and representatives from the event were kind enough to send us photos from the festivities!

All of the following photos are courtesy of Mark Dowding of the Riverside Salvation Army

What a Great Turnout!

How Sweet! Looks like these girls received awards!

Denise's Chair offered up for Auction

Another artist's artwork transformation

Denise's Swan Trays on the Auction Table

From the photos it looks like it was a wonderful, successful event and I know Denise was happy to take on the challenge of transforming everyday objects into artwork- especially for a great organization like the Salvation Army! 

Keep checking back, I promise to have some photos up soon of new projects. I found some great pieces on my latest south of the border adventure- I'll try and post those pics soon too!