Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our New Year's Resolution- Selling Online!

What a face!
 I love this vintage portrait I found in it's original oval frame

We hope everyone is happily ringing in the New Year this evening- Denise spent her New Year's Eve day cleaning out the garage- which was much needed and will make cranking out fun / funky / fabulous pieces all the more easier!
We hope to spend all of next week reworking our two store spaces.
Our resolution for this year - selling our artwork and vintage finds online. We opened up an etsy store about a year ago and have yet to list one item! We hope to learn from friends/vendors how to network more on facebook too, so a much needed push into the 21st century is coming our way!
I took some photos of our Rustic Sparrow booth today, we've added a few more finds.

Denise came across this vintage blanket chest circa 1919 a few days ago - it's great because it still has it's pullout shelf

Denise hand painted this face vase a few years back,
it's really fun and whimsical

It wasn't until I hung this metal soldier head on the wall
that I noticed the great horse on his helmet

Our Rustic Sparrow space this month

We will be sure and post when we begin our online selling venture!
We had a great 2011 and look forward to even more fabulous finds and creative endeavors in the New Year! - Best Wishes for a Great 2012!

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