Sunday, April 7, 2013

In the Works...Black & White Stripes

Labor of Love- SOLD
Black and White Striped Hand Painted Cabinet
Old hutch hand painted white
Nice shelf height for displaying dishes
Wish we had a before pic of this chair- it took quite a bit of work to
make this black and white striped neo-classical chair look lovely
SOLD-Just found the antique doll this week, it's body is stuffed with either horse
hair or straw and although she's a bit bald & tattered we think she's adorable riding the swan-
No chance of these two escaping the garage to AOC without being crowned
This old prairie style dresser is a great size with great hardware and patina
Just a few of the vintage patio furniture pieces-
we'd like to string the bulb lights above our AOC booth too
which we hope will give a fun outdoor & European flair
Fun vintage architectural garden décor
SOLD- Zeus Head & Bellagio Hotel Relic
Just playing around with bits and pieces we created this dome with nest & bird-
it reminds Denise of one of our favorite artists, Sergio Bustamante
I'm in love with this realistic vintage oil seashell painting by Eda Leahy-
I wish I could paint like Miss Eda, and the frame is sweet too- SOLD
Speaking of sweet I wasn't sure about this vintage cherub lamp purchase, luckily when I brought it in
Denise loved the old lace shade and cherub base
Old Italian wall mask transformed with a little chalk paint-
believe it or not I didn't stage this shot with the vintage praying wooden hands-
this is how we work- we've got projects and prayers spread out everywhere :)
SOLD- Mask & Rosary
This table was a neat find this week, I want to paint it, Denise wants to keep
it original with it's intricate wood inlay
The vintage iron wine bottle holder & light is a very cool and old piece
Denise has had for years- it's beautiful when lit
Mid twentieth century Italian hand carved cherub end tables- to paint or not to paint?
Another tough one for us- wouldn't these look great with chalk paint?
Maybe leave the gorgeous inlaid tops as is but paint the side trim, cherubs and legs?
 This one is a to be continued.....unless they sell which in that case would be ok too
Many thanks to the Carlsbad couple selling books this weekend,
lucky for me I was the only one wanting the prettiest looking, oldest, worn & torn books
with the cutest titles

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