Thursday, August 2, 2012

More Dress Forms, Birdcages & Summer Finds!

Sophie created this Whimsical Dress Form, she pieced it together in a half hour and then
spent about 2 days stitching it all together

We're having a Happy & Healthy Summer! Denise has been back in production mode, recently creating new pieces, as well as loving Pinterest, with all of it's networking and fun ideas- I'll take some pics of her newest creations and post soon.

Just before we took off for our summer vacation back east we left our beautiful window space at Vignette's Antiques on Newport Ave. in Ocean Beach- we really enjoyed our time in Lori's store and the best part was meeting and working with her and her staff, as well as all of the amazing vendors in Vignette's that never cease to amaze us with their creativity and skill in finding really beautiful pieces for the home and garden! So a Huge Thanks to Lori and Vignette's for all of their support!

These latest photos are some of the pieces we've worked on this Spring & Summer...

Sophia working on her Dress Form- it's pretty cool to watch her design- she's
 the one teaching me 
Close up of the dress form torso; she pieced together a bustier, vintage tulle skirt, vintage chains,
necklaces, broaches along with hand-made flowers and ribbons 

She did a fabulous job with attention to detail on the entire form,
 and I love the sweet influence from one of her favorite designers- Betsey Johnson  
'Time Flies'
Denise and I both worked on this piece- we used different clock and watch parts, faces and metal embellishments-
The birdcage is new, as is the artist model- we stained it to give it an aged look

The clock shown here can keep real time, or
I like the idea of setting it to a memorable time in your life, like the birth of a child -
time flies, but in those special moments time stands still
Rare Hendryx tear drop shape birdcage? I bought this at the Irvine Flea Market from the
sweetest vendor named Betty, she knew Denise loved Birdcages and offered it to me
right as she was unloading it from her van, she said she had never seen one like it
and we were eager to research it online but haven't been able to find much info on it-
the stand is not original, but the paint and patina look to be original

The Hendryx logo plate on the tear drop birdcage
Denise painted this sweet pair of French side tables with Annie Sloan Marie Antoinette 

This was our last dress form to display at Vignette's, it's a vintage corset, slip and
a pair of pantaloons underneath,
they all fit beautifully on this old dress form
Altar Cabinet at the Rustic Sparrow in June
My favorite new piece is this hand made large altar with a bell, columns,
glass panels, light, and beautiful detailing-
This would make a beautiful display for a religious relic or an art piece
I was running late to set up at the Rustic Sparrow one morning and forgot to stop
and pick up some 'S' hooks to hang this light, happy accident -because I think it
works on the old patio chair- I wonder how this composition would look hanging from the ceiling?

This lovely long bench would look great by a window, the foot
of a bed, or any space that needs a unique touch - it features beautiful soft colors and fun patterns,
customers love the unique pink vintage lampshade also shown in this photo
More and more photos to come and hopefully Denise will get back into the blogging groove again too! She's  been able to work on her artwork more and more every day and it's nice to have her back out in the garage- hammering, painting and drilling away!

This week we are busy adding our pieces into the Knorr Candle Factory and Gift Shop
off of Via de la Valle in Del Mar, Ca!
Knorr's is adding several vendors to their store and we are very excited
to showcase our work in this beautiful location- I'll post pics and info soon!

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  1. Beautiful pieces and so good to hear that Denise is doing better. We miss you both and hope to see you soon. Ciao Rita