Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Fun & Fabulous Fall Pumpkins!

Assembled Masquerade Pumpkin
We had such a great response from our fun fall pumpkins last year that we couldn't wait to design more for this season! Our beautiful masquerade pumpkin from last year sold to a good friend back east who used it to actually decorate for New Year's Eve, which is a great idea for our masquerade pumpkin from this year too. I think he looks very regal and mysterious!

Princess & Carriage Pumpkin

I like the Princess pumpkin we designed, it's very simple yet elegant with a touch of moss and mushrooms weaving around the gold carriage that comfortably cradles this blinged out princess.

Crows & Candleabra Carriage

This crows and candleabra carriage is fun, Heather-owner of the Rustic Sparrow- says it reminds her of carrying an old candleabra through a haunted mansion. These crows are sporting crowns-of course.

Masquerade Pumpkin with Withered Tree Hat

This guy is another masquerade pumpkin we created for this season. He stands really tall with his feather tree hat, I think he would make such a striking centerpiece in any display.

Our Assembled Pumpkin Pooch - what a face!

Ok...could he be any cuter? This little guy has been a crowd favorite on Halloween night with the Trick or Treaters for several years.  We create him every year, sometimes he has different ears or a bigger nose, but it's amazing how his sweet expression never changes year after year. He's made with two sizes of white foam pumpkins - the head being slightly smaller than the body. Furniture tacks with a large decorative design make up his spots, old christmas ornaments his ears, a handle for a mouth and of all things a Jello mold is his nose. We're thinking about taking him over to the Rustic Sparrow tomorrow - I'm not so sure we can part with him though- he really is like part of the family!
We have even more fun and unique pumpkins still in the works- I'll post more photos next week.