Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thanks to Robyn of Magnolia Creek Marketplace for a Fun Weekend !

Unbelievably BEAUTIFUL location for a Marketplace

Denise and I just got back from Valley Center where Robyn of Magnolia Creek & Co. Atelier hosted a wonderful Marketplace. The setting was beautiful and as always fun, sweet vendors kept us laughing, as well as gave us some good info on upcoming events, online services and new technologies for sales. It's so beneficial to meet and network with other vendors - Denise and I tend to want to spend most of our time on the hunt for treasures and creating, however, we are quickly learning that to succeed it's important to network and make connections with other artists and sellers.

Dodi of Bags from Britches on the left has original, whimsical creations - her umbrellas are especially sweet
Amber of Black Rooster Cottage is on the right - great vintage items- her handmade cupcakes and pillows are darling

Sylvia & her husband of Paris Cowgirl have great vintage pieces as well as beautiful clothing and jewelry

Bethany of m.o.m. designs and hand makes amazing clothes and accessories for kids & women

This is a pic from Robyn's blog - she has a unique collection of amazing vintage pieces and beautiful accents for your home and garden

What a fun, talented group of people to hang out with this weekend!
 Many Thanks to Robyn and Anders for all of their efforts in hosting this event - Robyn has an amazing shop on the property so check out for more info on her store hours and future marketplaces.


  1. Looks so nice and I am so happy that you had a great time! See you soon. Ciao Rita

  2. Great pictures Ashley! I had such a great time with you girls.... Laughing! :)
    See ya soon!
    xo, Amber