Monday, June 6, 2011

Fabulous Weekend at The Vintage Marketplace

Our space at The Vintage Marketplace June 3rd & 4th in Rainbow, Ca

Bravo! to the dynamic duo of Rita Reade and Christie Repasy for putting on such a fantastic show! Not only are these two ladies talented artists but amazing organizers and promoters as well! We couldn't have asked for a better location, crowd and neighbors. We wish we had gone around and photographed all of the vendors booths, they were so beautiful - everyone's work was so different, unique, vintage, inspiring and creative! Check out the Vintage Marketplace on facebook for photos, vendors and more info. Thanks again to Rita & Christie for all of their hard work - what a wonderful show to have been a part of - we can't wait to see everyone again in September!

Denise doesn't let us down with yet another fabulous mannequin - this one is a little different from her Miss "M" mannequin, but she is just as fun and fabulous.

This vintage patio set was really popular

I sold this birdsnest chair in Irvine at the Flea
Market yesterday. This sweet girl bought the set for her
patio/garden area 

Next up for us is the Long Beach Flea Market on June 19th, space H-148.
 Then we are headed back east for a little family fun and treasure hunting!
We'll try to keep up with our blog during our trip and keep everyone posted on what fabulous finds we discover! 


  1. Hi Friends,
    Loved seeing you at the show, your booth was amazing & I adored the chairs with the nests painted on the burlap...super cool!!!
    I'll see you again soon at one of your next shows!
    Big Hugs,

  2. Hi girls!
    It was great visiting with you at the show. Thanks for saving the scrolly gold and glass dish for me! I loved your booth, especially that crazy mannequin, Maggie was it? ;).
    Have a blessed week!

  3. Denise and Ashley - it was wonderful meeting you at the show! Your booth was truly outstanding - you both are so talented:)