Sunday, February 27, 2011

Time Goes By So Fast!

Check out Denise's Short Hair

As we are getting ready for a busy weekend of shows I came across this photocopy of an article that appeared in the San Diego Union-Tribune on October 18th, 1998.  It's an article on Lampshade Designs featuring Denise and our gallery called Sculptchairs we had in the mid 90's.  We had a great retail space with a patio area out back perfect for workshops.  We had classes on all of the popular trends of the time, floorclothes, boxes, chairs, lampshades and more.  This article appeared the day my daughter Sophie was born.  We were so busy with workshops that 6 days after Sophie was born she went to work, literally!  I brought her along to a floorcloth painting workshop we were doing at the gallery.  Something must have caught her little eyes back then, all those days spent in a colorful art gallery, she now has her own line of accessories for girls and women - 

Sophie with her Funky Fun Stuff at the Long Beach Flea Market in January

It's scary to realize how much time has gone by, but it feels great to get back into creating and designing decorative pieces.  We are very fortunate to once again meet great, fun people who inspire us and encourage our work, so to all of those who supported us in the past and in the present we Thank You & Look forward to seeing you soon!

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