Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Nascar  Party Game for Adults
Pick a Car & Win Prizes
Fun & Inexpensive Adult Game & Prizes for a Nascar Party
A group of friends here in Baja have a Nascar Pool. There are 12 members and each week they put in a few bucks, get a driver & have fun watching the race.
Since they like giving each other a hard time about who wins the most money and who never wins, I decided to make a fun game for them all to play & win something at their latest Nascar party.
I took a trip to the dollar store and looked around for items (prizes) that I could make fun or silly references to for the world of Nascar. The concept of the game is it's a Nascar 12 Race & upon entering the party, a guest chooses a numbered racecar ( purchased little cars in packs of 3 also at the dollar store ) and throughout the party I draw a number from anything theme related- a nascar cap is what I used. Whoever has that numbered car then reaches into the car piñata and pulls out a slip of paper or a fun paper tire that either says "Yay!" or "Oh No!" and what their driver did. An example would be, "Yay! You just drafted a lap!" and so the guest would read their slip of paper and after they'd read it I'd pull out their prize, and in this case it's a glass "Draft" beer mug- because they "Drafted" a lap!  An "Oh No!" one was, "Oh No! You just clipped another race car!" and so the prize was a pair of nail clippers. I love games & prizes, so I'm sure I was entertained the most out of anyone, but it did give pool members that rarely win money with actual races a chance to win a little something!
This could be easily adapted to a kids party & overall I spent less than $50.00 on the entire game. We are lucky here in Baja to have so many piñatas available. This large car one (from the movie Cars) was only $10.00 and I just added a license plate with the host's names and covered Lightening McQueen's facial features. Below I'll list the Yays & Oh Nos & prizes.
Yay! You just drafted a lap!
Prize: draft beer mug
Yay! You didn't win this race, but you are the best at doing donuts!
Prize: chocolate donuts
Yay! You have the best start time!
Prize: a kitchen timer
Yay! You have the hottest southern accent of all the drivers!
Prize: bottle of Amor hot sauce
Yay! You are the best at mentioning your sponsors during interviews!
Prize: Coca-Cola drinking glasses
Yay! You take the checkered flag!
Prize: Small bottle of tequila ( not purchased at the dollar store )
Yay! You flipped your car 5 times and walked away without a scratch!
Prize: Lucky dice car air freshener
Oh No! You blew a tire!
Prize: Hot Wheels tire yo-yo
Oh No! There's dirty air on the track!
Prize: Amorall car air freshener
Oh No! You hit the wall!
Prize: Krazy glue
Oh No! It was a photo finish and you came in 2nd!
Prize: I found a keychain that happened to have a tiny polaroid camera
Oh No! You are overheating!
Prize: A water squirter in the shape of a fast food cup & straw
Oh No! You clipped another racecar!
Prize: Pair of nail clippers
Oh No! You are the last off of Pit Road!
Prize: a bag of pitted prunes

Part of the fun, as the game went on, was party guests coming up with their own sayings and what it's silly prize could be. It definitely broke up the party eating & drinking with a little clever silliness & I would definitely do it again!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Custom Wedding Guest Book
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