Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Creating a Baby Basket on a Budget!! A DIY Baby Girl Gift Basket for $25!

A couple of weeks ago my girls and I received a sweet invitation to a friend's niece's Baby Shower that was a few days away. We were excited to go- who doesn't love a Mexican fiesta- however a bit of panic set in pretty quick.  The joys of single parenthood have put my little family of 3 on quite a tight budget lately! And while I love spur of the moment adventures/parties/fiestas, it's tough when you haven't factored that into your weekly budget. I'm sure the family and new mom would have been happy with even the smallest gift, or just our smiling faces, but we were thankful to have been invited & wanted to give something special
So my girls and I gave ourselves a budget of $25.00 to create a Fun Baby Gift Basket!
DIY Baby Girl Gift Basket for $25.00
Pink Garden Theme
3-6 month 6 piece outfit, pink blanket, basket, & flowers
It's great when your basket has a theme! Usually it's the outfit or a key piece you find that sets your basket's theme. For me, discount stores are great for finding baby gifts! At Ross Dress for Less, I found this 6 piece Girl's Baby Gift Set for a 3-6 month old, which included a long sleeve button jumper, a pink short sleeve onesie, a floral pair of pants, a little hat, a bib & a pair of socks all for 12.99
Once I found the outfit that led me to my theme for the basket:
Pink Floral Garden
I knew I wanted one more item for the basket and after an unsuccessful search for a cute stuffed animal at Ross, I decided on a soft pink blanket for $6.99.
So far we had spent just over $21.00
Basket & Decorations:
We found the basket at the thrift store for $1.00- normally I would have spray painted it white, pink or green for the new mom to use in the baby's nursery, but we were determined to stay within our budget! We bought two sprays of silk flowers- pink roses & white flowers- at the dollar store for $1.00 each
And with that purchase we had reached our budget and spent a grand total of $24.84
Creating the Basket:
Luckily for us we happened to find two spools of ribbon in our art supply stash- a roll of pink & sheer white. We also found some stickers & scrapbooking paper with birds & butterflies that we cut out to use in decorating the flower petals & tags
To make the basket I like to place all the main items in first and then add the decorations. I like stuffing the outfits and propping them up and to do this I use plain newsprint (not newspaper but newsprint, like for packing), shredded paper & tissue paper works too but you need to use quite a bit. You can also use it in the bottom & the back of the basket to prop things up. If your basket has a handle you can tie the outfits onto the handle too
I hung the onesie & pants together on a baby hanger and buttoned the birdie bib around it, stuffed the onesie & the floral jumper, and safety pinned the little hat onto the spray of white flowers. I rolled the soft pink blanket into a roll and tucked it into the middle, to add support to the outfits
We cut the roses spray of flowers to get individual roses, and placed them around and among the basket items. We left the white flower spray intact and used it to fill in the negative space in the back. We took some of our cut-out butterflies and glued a few to the petals of the flowers 
I like using small safety pins when I need to pin items together- clothespins are cute too- but here I used tiny gold safety pins to pin the socks together and stuffed them with a bit of paper.  Adding a little ribbon or tag always adds nice detail too
Our card is simple and decorated with some of the butterflies we cut out of paper. If you know it, it's sweet to add the mom or baby's name to the basket too. I taped a skewer stick to the back of the card & stuck it in the corner of the basket.
Ribbons look great tied onto just about everything, we tied them onto the hangers and card & luckily the blanket came with it's own nice white ribbon
It was a Lovely Baby Shower & of course it wasn't about the gifts, but the celebration of a family & their new Special little one! It turned out to be a fun family project for me and my girls too, to see how we could budget our money and create something unique & special, our
Baby Gift Basket on a Budget!

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